Changes in Notes and Attachments in Spring ’17

Salesforce has always evolved new changes to enhance customer experience. From Summer ’17, users will not be able to use the Notes & Attachments related list to attach files to records. They will be required to use the Files related list instead.

How to apply the new release in the org?

The Notes & Attachments related list will no longer support an Upload File button. In order to upload the files, users will have to add the Files related list to the record page layouts if it’s not already added. Then, use the Files related list to attach files to records. The advantage of this amendment will be that the Files related list will now let the users to not only upload files, but attach the files that users already have stored in Salesforce.

The existing files in notes and attachment lists will remain untouched. Users can’t move them, but if they’re Salesforce Files (not attachments) they can add them to the Files related list on the same record

There might be some queries regarding the Files related list, if it is already added to my record page layouts

    There are some ways mentioned below to handle this issue :-
  • Navigate to a record, like an account. Check whether it holds a card similar to the one below
    Notes and Attachments Image
  • If so, then that record’s object already has the Files related list added to its page layout. Check all object page layouts in the org, such as opportunities, leads, accounts, groups, people, and contacts. Some people might have defined record types for an object, be assured to check those layouts as well. If the Files related list isn’t already on the page layout, drag it on.
  • Follow the steps below for each object that needs to be checked.
  • From Setup, enter Object Manager in the Quick find box, then select the name of the object you want to add the Files related list to (such as Opportunity).
  • Click Page Layouts.
  • Click the page layout you want to customize.
  • In the list of available items in the left pane, click Related Lists.
  • Drag Files to the Related Lists section.
  • Click Save.