Service Cloud Implementation


Client is an India based online gaming platform with a user base of over 4 million players.


Client wanted us to set up the whole Salesforce Service Cloud Console for their Support team from scratch. The requirement was to replace the current setup of Freshdesk with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Main challenge was to achieve the requirement using Salesforce out of box functionality.

The following requirements were asked from us:

  • Cases should be recorded in Salesforce when a customer sends a query to client’s support team. It could be in the form of an email to the client’s support email id or from a ‘Contact Us’ form on the client’s website and mobile app.
  • Functionality where customer could directly chat with a support agent. After the chat is over, the chat transcript should be saved in Salesforce as a new Case.
  • The customer should get auto-response emails signifying the progress made into their Case.
  • Cases created in Salesforce should be automatically sorted into their correct Category and Priority as set by some criteria. Correct SLA time is also to be set for each Case.
  • Auto assignment of Ownership of a Case to support agents was required.
  • If a Case is not closed within the assigned SLA time, the Case gets escalated.
  • The agents should be able to see the milestone timer in the detail view of Case, i.e, the time remaining to solve the Case.
  • Support Agents should have a option to mass Merge Duplicate Cases, Edit Cases, Close Cases.
  • Counting of comeback emails from customer. Escalation of Case if the number of comebacks reaches a certain number.
  • Once a Case gets closed, the customer should get a Satisfaction Survey via email which should contain the first question in the email’s body. Rest of the questions have to be optional and on a separate page. The responses of the customer were then to be saved in Salesforce linking to the particular Case and customer’s record.
  • Knowledge Articles to be enabled.
  • Different Reports and Dashboards to be created which needs to be refreshed on a regular basis.
  • Integration of different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) with Salesforce.
  • Call center integration was required so that support agents can dial a number straight from Salesforce.
  • Old Cases from Freshdesk needed to be migrated into Salesforce.


  • Email-to-Case was set up. This generates a new Case whenever an email is sent to the support’s email address. It also linked the customer’s details with the Case.
  • Web-to-Case was set up. It allowed the customers to submit Cases directly by filling up the required fields in the form.
  • Live Agent was set up. Customer can directly interact with a live agent. Live agents get notified whenever a customer fills the form and clicks on ‘Chat Now’.
  • Omni Channel was set up with routing configurations so that load balancing can be maintained for the agents with the priority of the Cases and availability of the agents. The agents can accept the request from the customer through omni channel.
  • Service Cloud Console app was set up with proper modifications according to the client’s requirements.
  • Entitlement and Milestone for tracking the status of the Case for different priority and status. ‘Business Hours’ were also taken into consideration for this.
  • Knowledge Articles were enabled. Support agents were also able to search and attach relevant articles while sending an email to the customer.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey module was created. The survey was sent to customers on Case closing and also manually on the click of a button from the Case detail page. The response of the customer was saved in a new custom object.
  • Bulk Macros for closing and changing the status of multiple cases from case list view.
  • Different Workflows and Process Builders were created which sorted the Cases into their correct Category, Priority and SLA time.
  • Various Analytics (Reports and Dashboards) were made according to the requirements.
  • Call Center Integration using CTI Zentrix was done.
  • Old Cases from Freshdesk were migrated using Data Loader/Talend.


  • The Service Cloud Console was fully set up in Salesforce.
  • The Support team can now easily keep track of all the Cases generated in real time.
  • By using Omni Supervisor, the admins can keep a check on the support agents which increases efficiency.
  • Client can get feedback from customers in real time with respect to their Cases/queries.