Real Time “ServiceNow - Salesforce” Sync through “Server-Side Scripting” at ServiceNow

ServiceNow, a software-as-a-service provider, provides technical management support and help desk functionality to IT operations. It also supports real time communication and resource sharing.

ServiceNow easily integrates with other tool via its REST API. There are many successful ServiceNow integration with external tools like Salesforce, etc. In Salesforce - ServiceNow integration a User can access and exchange information between both the systems. However, this is possible only when User posts/gets data from ServiceNow at Salesforce end i.e the User has to log into his/her Salesforce Org and access ServiceNow through the provided button orother user interface.

In order to create/modify records in Salesforce whenever a change in any record (Ex. Incident) at ServiceNow is made, Server-Side Scripting is used. Astrea IT Services has provided a solution to this by implementing Server-Side Scripts at ServiceNow end. It syncs data from ServiceNow to Salesforce in real time.

ServiceNow Rest Scripting

In this scenario we have considered Incident Object of ServiceNow and Case Object of Salesforce. Whenever a new Incident is created or any Incident is updated (meeting the defined criteria), a Case record with required fields will be created/updated in Salesforce according to the need. This is a real time synchronization. This functionality can be applied on any ServiceNow Object. In this way, we can sync ServiceNow and Salesforce objects whenever any update is made at ServiceNow end.

ServiceNow Incident:

ServiceNow Salesforce Sync image1

Salesforce Case:

ServiceNow Salesforce Sync image2