Loading Hubspot Data to Einstein Analytics: Wave Analytics Custom Connector

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud is a powerful BI Platform which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Salesforce recently revealed this platform for its CRM Customers. This platform has opened path to several amazing features for CRM users, enabling them to use advanced reporting with predictive intelligence instead of legacy based old analytics. The data may be inside SFDC or may reside in the other external system. You can explore your data to discover new, unexpected insights for your business. Based on the latest data you can create dashboards to continually monitor key business metrics and you can also know how your business is going on by getting instant Visualization. Analytics-cloud gives you feature of data manipulation (extract, merge, conditioning, transformation, appending, etc.). For Example, you can merge two or more different datasets and twist it to generate new view/report.

There are multiple ways to import data in Einstein Analytics. For example Salesforce, CSV file and external sources by ETL tools. You can use the External Data API to import data Programmatically.

Astrea Team has built a smart Custom Connector in Java to Load Hubspot API data into Wave. HubSpot is a software product for inbound marketing and sales. HubSpot provides tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages and search engine optimization. HubSpot has integration features for Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and others. There are also third-party services such as templates and extensions.

Initially, we have considered Contacts, Engagement Objects etc of Hubspot API for our Hubspot Wave Connector. Our Connector pulls the data from these objects and pushes the same into Wave to create datasets for Reports/Charts Building. We also provides Scheduler facility in our Hubspot connector so that the Businesses can push the Hubspot data at their convenient time interval for analysis.

Need For Hubspot Wave Connector:

Hubspot CRM can store 1,000,000 contacts per account. So it is not possible to store and handle this much data in any other Cloud Based BI Tool if the Business House want to Create Dashboards on Hubspot Data(usually impose data size limitation of around 10MBs only in Various Cloud based BI Platforms) and hence we have made Hubspot Wave Connector For Hubspot API. We are storing and handle GBs of data in Custom Connector. There are some limitation to External Data API.

Link to External Data Limits:

Sample Wave Charts on Hubspot Data:


  • Tunnel Chart: Contacts Created Per Month


  • Map Chart: Contacts Per Country


  • TreeMap Chart: Contacts Per Country


  • Tunnel Chart: Engagement Per Type


  • Waterfall Chart: Engagement Per Type



The need to integrate data from multiple data sources is very important in many "use cases" for Salesforce Einstein Analytics, particularly where users require a complete view of what is happening across multiple business domains for e.g Various KPIs from other external systems like Hubspot,Shopify , Facebook, Google Analytics etc. To achieve this, the process of loading and transforming data from multiple sources to Wave ( Einstein Analytics) is necessary.

Wave Analytics provides a variety of flexible options to load data. Use the native Dataflow to load data from Salesforce, or use any other ETL tools for external data. You can also validate business requirements and analyze the data shapes by using other options like CSV file. A "Custom Connector" can be built using Wave's External Data API for loading the data from any other external API/System.

Astrea’s Hubspot Custom Connector for Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud lets you connect to the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud application using the Salesforce External Data API. The connector exposes convenient methods for creating and populating Hubspot data sets into Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud system. It provides built-in functionality for batch processing of Jobs for getting data from Hubspot API.