Review of Klipfolio Changelog 2018

Klipfolio is a cloud dashboard platform for building capable business dashboards for your group or your customers. It has a lot of option to connect your data for the visualization. It supports numerous APIs from a variety of different app providers.

Klipfolio support built-in formula editor so that you can transform, filter, combine data before visualizing it. You can view your Dashboards from your desktop, mobile, TV and tablets. Also you can share these visualizations with your teammates by granting access to them.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the noteable new features offered by Klipfolio.

Klipfolio has offered the following features:

  1. Now when you select a data source reference for a Modelled Data Source in a formula field of klip editor, it shows the related Modelled Data Source in the Data source visualizer which is at the bottom of the page and also selects the corresponding column in the data source.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image1

  2. For Modelled Data source, function help is available again when working with formula bar.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image2

  3. You can expand and collapse the Navigation Bar.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image3

  4. The option to set to your current browser timezone as your Account Time Zone is now working as expected.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image4

  5. Modelled Data source can be removed from the Klip Editor.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image5

  6. You can go to details page of modelled data source from the Klip Editor.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image7

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image7

  7. Instead of changing focus to the next or previous column, now arrow keys will move cursor position in the text field while modifying the name of the column.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image8

  8. You can use keyboard shortcuts for undo and redo while developing modelled data source.
  9. Modelled datasource are visible inside Klip Detail Page.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image9

  10. Klipfolio has provided improved support for the special character in the klip name.
    Review_Of_Klipfolio image10

  11. Refresh information of modelled data sources is now visible in library list and datasource information page.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image11
    Review_Of_Klipfolio image12

  12. Klipfolio has improved the sharing UI. Now it’s more clear to know who has rights.

    Review_Of_Klipfolio image13

  13. Following are the some new database which can be used as datasource in Klipfolio:
    1. Snowflake
    2. Mongo DB

    So these were some important updates in Klipfolio from the start of this year.