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With Smart vCard for Salesforce CRM, available from the AppExchange, it becomes insanely easy to export and import your Salesforce CRM Contact information as vCards.

Smart vCard allows for exporting Contact information one at a time.

You can also import multiple contact And Lead from a VCF file on a single click.

Smart VCard

Features of Smart Vcard

  • Export any of your Contact, Lead and Account to the vCard format.
  • Import multiple contacts from a VCF file.
  • Import multiple Leads from a VCF file.
  • Support VCF 3.0 & VCF 2.1 format.
  • Now available as Lightning Component

You can download the Component from Salesforce Appexchange.

Smart News

Now with Astrea Smart vCard,

  1. Import Multiple VCF details in Contact And Lead objects.
  2. Export Account, Contact And Lead in CSV format to support importing of multiple vCards in microsoft outllook.
  3. Export special characters in vcf format for Account and Contact.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

With Astrea Smart vCard extension, user can transfer the contacts from Salesforce to their phone contacts via email. Contact information can be exported from Accounts, Contacts and Leads as a VCF 3.0 file format. You can download Astrea Smart vCard from the link below- Astrea Smart vCard

Astrea has also developed “Astrea smart vCard” app on Appexchange which is a free app on Appexchange and can export, import Contact, Lead, Account, User one or multiple in VCF or PDF. You can download the app for free from Appexchange.