Tableau Analytics Solutions

In Today’s world the Data & its importance is increasing with a rapid pace and with these large number of transactions, there are limitless opportunities for companies to transform the data into meaningful insights. To get the most out of the data, organizations need tools and resources to understand & provide true value of their data.

Tableau is a leading business intelligence platform and a trusted standard in modern analytics. With Tableau an organization can easily integrate their existing technology to get powerful and intuitive analytics solutions. These solutions are useful for users of all skill levels to make better decisions but to be a data driven organization there are many steps involved along with a careful selection of Tools & partners.

How Tableau is useful for you

Tableau is a leader in the analytics and have solutions for all industries, their departments, and data models. This is all possible because of the advanced features and support that Tableau offers in different scenarios.

Fast Analysis Support: Live visual data can help in data findings on the go and its drag & drop interface allows users with access to data to start deriving value & revealing the hidden facts from the data.

Ease of Setup & Visual tools: Tableau offers different setup options like for Desktop, Public or Mobile but it does not need a large software setup. Widely used desktop version can be easily installed and it supports all the features needed to start and complete data analysis. The colors, trend lines, charts, and graphs can be used to analyze the data and very little script is required as drag and drop support is offered by Tableau.

Data Combination Support: Tableau offers blending of different relational, semistructured and raw data sources in real time, with no integration costs involved. So, user has options to connect to data on premise or in the cloud from big data to SQL database or even a spreadsheet to cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Real-time syncing: Tableau offer support for filtering, sorting data on the go and also option to embed a live dashboard in external systems like Salesforce.

Centralized Data: Tableau provides a centralized management of data sources for an organization where users, permissions and schedules can be easily managed. Also the administrators can schedule the extracts from the server from a single location and this can be created with a frequency starting from an hour to day to week and a month.

Astrea & Tableau

Astrea has spent years in providing Analytics solutions to partners & clients across the globe and can help organization achieve their real value of data using TABLEAU. Astrea have significant Tableau analytics expertise and we can help organizations in following ways:

Astrea’s Strategy Planning: helping you in the planning the exact requirements and framing the implementation strategy. Astrea follows the blueprint planner to get everything on the table and analyse the next steps.

Astrea’s Data Integration & Development Support: for better and robust analytics the key component is the datasets and Astrea can help in building and integrating this data with Tableau. We deliver end to end solutions to users to provide better insights and Tableau extracts will be created (.tde or .hyper) for Tableau Online, Server, or Desktop for enabling organizations to get better visualization irrespective of the data location(on local machines, or in the cloud) and the size of their data. Astrea can work on the rich dashboards & reporting with great UI and can work as per the need of the organization.

Tableau Dashboard examples

Some of the recent dashboards we have made which highlights Astrea’s Tableau analytics expertise includes integration with data sources like Google Analytics, Salesforce and SQL Database as shown in the screen below. Astrea has built many dashboards for its clients & partners using different sources, some of our latest Tableau work includes Salesforce Dashboard and Case/Ticket Dashboard

Tableau Expertise