Advertising Studio- Managing your advs

Advertising Studio is used to coordinate campaigns with social, mobile, sales, and customer service efforts. Ad Studio or Advertising Studio lets you get engaged with your customers and prospects. Ad Studio has three applications, namely: Advertising Audience, Journey Builder Advertising and Lead Capture. Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio enables you to enhance the email marketing goals with advertising platforms so that it encourages to connect with new or existing customers easily.

Astrea Ad Studio

It engages customers through the use of Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Audience Studio, or Social Studio. Ad Studio also finds new prospects with lookalikes, and re-engage inactive users within the customer journey across digital advertising. As mentioned earlier, the three applications of Ad Studio works in the below mentioned way:

  • By using Advertising Audiences in Advertising Studio one can activate the CRM data for targeting. Moreover, Advertising Audiences also integrates with major CRM onboarding partners which will let you connect your data with your entire DMP and DSP ecosystem.

  • With Journey Builder Advertising, one can integrate Advertising Audiences and campaigns into one’s overall customer journey.

  • And , finally Lead Capture lets you connect with your Facebook and Google advertising leads with Marketing Cloud data extensions or Sales Cloud lead objects and that too in real time.

The most important advantages of Advertising Audiences are:

  • It grows subscribers based on creating lookalikes of existing customers.

  • It suppresses the existing customers for acquisition campaigns.

  • It re-engaged the unengaged email subscribers.

  • With targeted and specific messages, it reaches the existing customers.

To link an advertising campaign to Journey Builder:

  • One needs to authorize a Facebook account in Advertising Audiences.

  • Then, one should accept the Facebook Custom Audience Terms of Service.

 Ad Studio

When for the first time you link a campaign, Advertising Studio verifies that it is linked to a Journey Builder account and then supervises that there is at least one Facebook account authorized in Advertising Audiences. Also, Lead Capture enables data extensions in one’s Marketing Cloud Account and then it creates a Facebook or Google Lead Advertising form.