Create Reduction order in Salesforce Lightning.


A reduction order is an agreement between a company and a customer to process the product returns, deprovision services, or reduce services that have been provisioned. For example, if a customer has purchased 30 items through an order and then requests to cancel five items in the order, you can create a reduction order with five items to track the request.

If your company accepts returns or reductions on activated orders, you can reduce the relevant orders (by creating reduction orders) to reflect those exchanges of goods and services.

Business Challenge

If you are using lightning experience, you can’t create reduction orders. Products cannot be added to the Reduction order in Lightning. So the user needs to switch to Salesforce classic to add products to Reduction orders.

How it was solved

We created a lightning component by which users can create a reduction order and add products to the reduction order.


Below are the screenshots of the lightning component.

Volunteer Leader in V4S
Figure 1: Start of creation of Reduction Order

Volunteer Leader in V4S
Figure 2: Selection of products and quantities that need to get added to the Reduction Order

Volunteer Leader in V4S
Figure 3: Newly reduced products appear in the Reduction Order.

Through the use of this simple Lightning Component the user is now able to use Reduction Order in Salesforce Lightning without switching back to Classic.

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