Salesforce Opportunity Dashboard on Einstein's Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics(Wave Analytics) is a new cloud based analytic tool that will help you to create powerful reports and dashboards from your large amount of enterprise data. Also Wave Analytics enables anyone to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its point-and-click visual interface of your org. A user could get instant visualizations that show how your business is doing.

We have made some advanced charts in Einstein's Analytics on Salesforce Standard Objects- Opportunity, Account and Case.

The client had a requirement to develop the following charts on Wave Analytics dashboard “Salesforce Opportunity Dashboard”:
  1. Opportunity by State : The Bubble Map shown below displays number of Opportunities with respect to State. It gives an output about what is the potential market size by State.

  2. Opportunity By Stage

  3. Amount by Stage : The following Line widget displays sum of amount with respect to stages in object Opportunity. We have applied filters on field stage i.e. Closed Lost, Closed Won and Qualification.

  4. Amount By Stage

  5. Leaderboard : The following bar chart displays sum of amount of top 5 Opportunity Owner. Also we have applied filter on field won whether it is true or false. Only those Owner are selected whose won value is equal to true.

  6. LeaderBoard

  7. Top 10 Account : The Tree Map shown below displays Won Revenue of Top 10 Account.

  8. Top Ten Accounts

  9. Opportunity Details : The Value table shown below displays all the Opportunities details and data related to Opportunities i.e. Account Name, Opportunity Owner, Amount, Stage, Probability and Closedate.

  10. Opportunity Details

  11. Case by Types : The following Line widget displays number of cases in a particular month filtered by the types. There are 3 types of cases i.e. Free, Premium and Basic.

  12. Cases By Type
Below is the whole visualization of the dashboard “Salesforce Opportunity Dashboard”. The data in the widgets of this dashboard changes according to the filters applied on it for i.e. Opportunity type, Account name, Opportunity source and Industry. The data in all the widgets of the dashboard changes even on clicking any part of a widget. For example, clicking on the bar of any barchart the respective data of all the widgets in the whole dashboard changes.

All Data