Service Cloud Einstein plays vital role in improving services offered to customers by enterprises. Service Cloud Einstein helps to understand insights of customers problem by analyzing their emails, messages and posts on social media.

Service Cloud Einstein helps to:

  1. Solve customer cases faster.
  2. Categorize cases with more accuracy which reduces response time.
  3. Increase response time of agents by recommending them solutions on a particular case by analyzing historical data related to that case.
  4. Deliver the right answer to customers.
  5. Empower service team by providing deep insights about customers.
  6. Route the right agent related to a case at very first interaction of customer with company thus tries to satisfies the customer at first interaction only.
  7. Prioritizes the cases based on predicting time needed to resolve cases, thus increases efficiency of service agents.
  8. Predict customer satisfaction by using Einstein Supervisor.

Following are three main components of Service Cloud Einstein:

  1. Einstein Supervisor.
  2. Einstein Case Management.
  3. Intelligent Mobile Service.

Einstein Supervisor helps Managers in Service Department to take smart decisions by providing them real time data like queues of customer requests, waiting time and availability of Agents for particular area to Managers[1]. It predicts customer satisfaction to managers and recommends them solutions to increase customer satisfaction.


Einstein Case management prioritizes cases using classification and categorization of them based on historical issue importance. It also provides historical solutions, videos etc. related to case to help agents in solving problem faster thus increasing efficiency of agents.


Intelligent Mobile Service is a connected service mobile application which provides personalized mobile employees. This uses advanced algorithms to help in scheduling, routing of employees in an optimized manner. This provides real time access to CRM data. It helps to understand customer’s history, service issues and possible solutions in the mobile application.
Over last 5-10 years an increase in importance given to customer service has been seen immensely. Service Cloud Einstein is providing companies of all sizes an easy way to deploy intelligent service and helping in connecting them to customers in a much better and efficient way.