Introduction to Ampscript


Ampscript is a scripting language used in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that allows you to personalize and customize your email messages, landing pages, and other digital marketing assets. It provides dynamic content, data manipulation, conditional logic, and integration capabilities. Here are five code samples to demonstrate the power and functionality of Ampscript:

1. Personalization and Dynamic Content:

Personalization and Dynamic Content

In this example, Ampscript is used to personalize the email by retrieving the recipient's first name and displaying order details dynamically based on the OrderItems data extension.

2. Data Manipulation and Transformation:

Data Manipulation and Transformation:

Here, Ampscript calculates the discounted price by applying a 10% discount to the total price and formats the values as currency.

3. Conditional Logic:

Conditional Logic

Ampscript allows you to add conditional statements to display different content based on conditions, such as the product category. This enables personalized messaging based on customer preferences.

4. Retrieve and Display External Data:

Retrieve and Display External Data

The second statement is getting cut off in the image above. It is: SET @Weather = HTTPGet("")

In this example, Ampscript uses the HTTPGet function to retrieve weather data from an external API. The data is then parsed and displayed in the email, providing real-time information to the recipient.

5. List and Data Extensions Manipulation:

List and Data Extensions Manipulation

Here, Ampscript retrieves subscriber information from the "Subscribers" data extension and assigns it to variables. This allows you to personalize and display subscriber details within your email content.

Ampscript empowers marketers to create dynamic and personalized experiences by leveraging data, conditional logic, and external integrations. It enhances the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other digital assets, ultimately driving engagement and conversions.