Mobile Studio: Connecting People Easily!

Really, it is more than a flat and typical platform; rather it is a key component of Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform; where one can discover features and sophisticated tools to connect with their customers to a vast margin and can excel in all business ways. It is none other than Mobile Studio.

Mobile Studio enables one to use data in the Marketing Cloud platform to reach customers on the go by sending personalized messages, notifications and group messages to their cellphones. Here, Mobile Studio gives an immense platform and something extra than the other studios in terms of ability to deliver time-sensitive messages right to the devices. According to a survey conducted, we can say that 2.7 billion people own a smartphone which allows them to receive the updates that a Mobile Studio wants to convey. Also, the survey says that consumers spend more than five hours a day on their mobile and also 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience. Lastly, SMS messages have a 98% open rate.


Through Salesforce Mobile Studio, one can engage their new or existing customers by updating the purchase confirmations or by introducing new discounts and offers; thus, Mobile Studio provides a wide range of pre-built templates and over 80 international codes which enables it to create and automate transactional, promotional and responsive messages. Mobile Studio lets the customer connect with links and stickers over chats through which one can give instant and quick responses of a conversation. Mobile Studio can track all of your messages and can improve future campaigns.

Here, we shall mark few benefits of Mobile Studio:

  • It builds and sends targeted messages. It enables the use of templates to build attractive campaigns.

  • Mobile Studio captures data and also lets you simply create personalized messages through a drag-and-drop tool.

  • It can schedule trigger messages and alerts to engage customers with the right messages and at the right time.

  • In your target area, it automatically sends messages to the customers and places contents that encourage them to interact with the brand.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio basically provides a three-way to communicate with customers over Phone or Mobile devices. They are basically:


This helps to create, send, receive and track SMS and MMS text messages. It can send alert and transactional messages to subscribers. It facilitates automatic reply of incoming messages, manages keywords, and many other tasks.


GroupConnect is basically used to send SMS messages to customers over messaging applications. It also uses Chat Messaging API to support the line messaging app and Facebook Messenger. Moreover, GroupConnect usually allows integration of the LINE app with Content Builder and Journey Builder to create and send messages and facilitate the process of reviewing the messaging activities.


MobilePush is used to send notifications over the app. It encourages customers to use your application.