Quote PDF and Email in Salesforce1 (Mobile)


Quotes in Salesforce represent the proposed prices of your company’s products and the services. You can create a quote from an opportunity and its products. You can create quote PDFs from a standard template or from your company’s design and can email quotes to your customers.

Business Challenge

In Salesforce 1 (Mobile), there is no way to create the quote PDFs or to view the existing PDFs or to email the PDFs to your customers. Every time you need to use the desktop version of Salesforce to perform these activities.

How it was solved

To solve this, we created a trigger on the Quote object. Whenever its stage changes to ‘Presented’, it will fire the trigger and will create a Quote PDF. The template for the PDF will be decided from the id of the template stored in a custom setting. To view the PDF in mobile, users need to view it under ‘Notes & Attachments’ related list.

Note: This can also be achieved on a click of button, without the need of the trigger.
For email, a lightning component was created, which will pick the latest created PDF for the Quote and will mail it to the recipients.


The button and component for email


In the screenshot below, you can see two records for ‘Notes & Attachments’ and preview of one of them.



In this project the functionality to create Quote PDFs, view Quote PDFs & to email it to your customer from Salesforce 1 (Mobile), was achieved easily by writing some code (lightning component/web component & apex class).

For any query on Quote PDF in Salesforce1, contact support@astreait.com