We provide expert professional services in the area of Cloud based CRMs and Business Intelligence.We are experienced on Salesforce.com’s Force.com Platform, Zoho, Logi Analytics and Klipfolio

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  • Cloud Computing

    Salesforce.com CRM is the leading, powerful, scalable and secure cloud based CRM. Astrea performs a full range of cost-efficient custom Salesforce development.

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  • Integration with Cloud

    The BMC Remedy ITSM (IT Service Management Suite) is provided with a number of OOB (Out of the Box) web services that can be used to create,query and modify requests.

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  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.

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  • Data Integration

    Klipfolio offers a scalable solution that makes sophisticated BI accessible to any organization without a large investment in training or services

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Free Apps for Salesforce by Astrea It Services Pvt Ltd

Google Analytics Wave Connector

Astrea Google Analytics Wave Connector is an Einstein Analytics connector. The app provides the functionality of connecting Einstein Wave with Google Analytics. It has a simple to use interface which connects Salesforce with Google Analytics.

Astrea Opportunity Dashboards

Astrea Opportunity Dashboard app enhances the reporting capabilities of an org with its predefined Dashboards and therefore allows users to view the correct statistics of Opportunities in a Salesforce instance. The app includes three dashboards representing data for Sales executive, Sales manager and Sales person. These dashboards constitutes multiple lightning components which extracts data from the Opportunity object and display them in the form of charts in lightning.

Astrea Case Dashboard

Astrea Case Dashboards provides comprehensive insight into organisation, team, and individual performance for Services and support team. It gives you reusable charts which can be included on Detail pages and community pages in Lightning.

Astrea Approval Process Reminder

Astrea Approval process reminder is an app that has the functionality of sending approval reminder emails to approvers for all the pending approval processes. The app sends upto three reminder emails to the user.

Astrea URL Shortener App

Astrea URL shortener is a Salesforce Application that integrates Salesforce with Bity. The app allows user to automatically create Bitly URLs for the Salesforce Record URL with simple clicks. The app can be used to generate the URL manually or automatically.

Astrea’s Enhanced Solution

Enhanced Solution is a Salesforce Application developed to give an edge to the customer service support for any organization working on Salesforce. This app works with the Salesforce.

Dolly Cloning Application

Email to Case Premium, commonly referred to as E2CP, extends and enhances the basic functionality of salesforce.com's standard Email to Case offering with a more effective solution for managing cases.

Attachment Converter

Attachment Converter is an app which converts the salesforce attachments into Files. Salesforce has announced that in Winter 18 release the ‘Notes and attachments’ related list will no longer have a upload attachment button and users will be required to follow salesforce files after this.

File Helper

File helper is a tool which helps user to effectively manage their Chatter files and attachments.It can be used by Salesforce administrators to manage space utilization of Salesforce files and attachments.


E2Excel is a native Salesforce app. We have written Apex code to export the data from List view. We do not pull the data out of your Salesforce instance. All data remains in your Salesforce instance.


Freshconnect is a Salesforce app that allow to connects Freshdesk System with Salesforce and Salesforce with Freshdesk i.e. two-way connection is established through this app. It supports point and click graphical UI which is simple and easy to use.

Freshbooks EasyConnect

Freshbooks EasyConnect is a Salesforce lightning ready native Application that is used to connect Salesforce with Freshbook and vice-versa. It provides an easy to use interface.

Object Hierarchy

Object Hierarchy graphically displays two level child hierarchies for a particular record. For example if used within an account record, it will display all child contacts, accounts, opportunities and custom object of this account, and also the children of these child contacts, accounts, opportunities and custom object.


KayakoConnect is a Salesforce Application. This app is useful to connect Salesforce with Kayako and Kayako with Salesforce. It supports point and click graphical user interface which is very easy and simple to use

Org Scanner

An automated tool that checks the health of a Salesforce instance and the data it contains. It determines the overall grade of an Org based on a set of metrics. Results are broadly categorized in Code Quality, Metadata and Other Metrics categories.


Octopus is a salesforce app which allows you to document all the items in your Salesforce instance. Get information about apex classes, pages, workflows, triggers, objects, fields and much more in a single place. You can also download it as a PDF/Word file for future reference.

ServiceNow Quick Connect

ServiceNow QuickConnect is a Salesforce Application. This app has a bi-directional functionalities to integrate Salesforce with ServiceNow. ServiceNow QuickConnect facilitates Salesforce Users to Sync Data with ServiceNow on a Single Button Click.

Print It

Print It enables you to create a PDF directory of your contacts with a single click. You can upload contacts image and generate an impressive PDF document containing a list of contacts with their details like the company name, address and uploaded image.

Smart Cal

SmartCal is an App which helps you to be more organised. Users can set Email alerts for any tasks or Events which requires a notification. SmartCal has many features which can help any company to make their employees to stay connected to their schedule.

Smart Barcode

Smart Barcode is Lightning ready Salesforce Application. This app is used to generate the Barcode and convert any Text to the Barcode. User can use this app for any field in any Standard and Custom Objects.

Astrea ShopifyWave Connector

Astrea ShopifyWave Connector is an Einstein Analytics Connector. This app is used to connect Wave with Shopify. It provides point and click Graphical User Interface which is very easy to use. This app basically provides integration between Shopify and Analytics studio.

Smart vCard

vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as on the World Wide Web or instant Messaging. They can contain name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs and audio clips.

Astrea Lightning Linking Notes

Astrea Lightning Linking notes allows users to link the enhanced notes of objects to their respective accounts records. The standard objects for which the app is supported are Contacts, Cases and Opportunities. Therefore the app can be useful in many scenarios & users, whether a Sales rep working on a Opportunity to manage all the notes related to the Account or a Service Rep working on a Case, all can use to benefit from the features offered by this app to the users.

Astrea Notes Converter

Uploading notes in Salesforce will no longer be available in Notes and Attachment list after Winter 18 release. Hence, Astrea has build a new app that can help users to convert their notes for a particular object into enhanced notes. This may save a lot of time while not converting notes manually for each object.